Another photo from the Selective Memory series.

a real mix of Sailor Jerry, vacation photos, Chinese costumes, cloisonné  

approx. 92h x 24w inches

acrylic on Sintra and cedar

This is the deck the pieces stand on. Tattoo clusters, etc. will sit on the deck. Deck size is variable. The pieces are different shapes and sizes so the deck can be rearranged and expanded when necessary. This one is about 5 feet wide 3 feet deep. Acrylic on wood and Sintra.

I have been putting together these small paper pieces made up of tattoo imagery. Been thinking about cutting out these small clusters and painting them. Really small clusters only about 8in. x 8in. maybe 10in. x 10in. at the most.

the rank patches are getting near completion - just a few more days and then they can be assembled

acrylic on Sintra

40h x 44w inches

from the series Selective Memory - I have seven of these in various stages of completion. 

This one is 81h x 24w x 12d inches

acrylic on cedar and Sintra

Hopefully I will be able to show them all together one of these days

small piece soon going to Ro2 Art, Dallas

13w x 15h x 2.5d inches

acrylic on wood and Sintra

The other of the two rank patches I am working on. Almost finished, one more background layer and they will be complete. Hope to be showing these in April.

46 inches across when finished

acrylic on sintra

finished these this weekend - currently at Ro2 Art Dallas for the show ob·jec·ti·fied

The Watchers

the larger 11 x 14 x 6.5 inches

the smaller 10 x 12 x 3 inches

acrylic on wood

to me this turned out to be a strange piece, I guess it is the color - currently at Ro2 Art Dallas for the show ob·jec·ti·fied

approx 21 x 21 inches

acrylic on sintra

more work in progress

I have been referring to these new pieces as Watchers. According to legend, Watchers hover above us in the heavens watching all. Similar to fallen angels they descend to earth for good or sometimes not so good reasons.

They aren´t very big, the larger is only 11 x 14 x 6.5 inches

acrylic on wood

work in progress - one of the rank patches

about 46 in. across when complete

acrylic on sintra


Selected Memory: Big Bend

acrylic on sintra and cedar

I have been fascinated for years with Chinese costumes and ceremonial robes. Especially interested in the embroidered patches that were applied to designate rank.

These two pieces are heavily influenced by the rank patches. They are paper patterns and when complete will be acrylic on sintra.

46 wide x 41 high each

I really don´t show all that much - maybe twice a year. I do get ask for an artist statement and bio quite often and always struggle with those things. 

Sometimes I think the only reason I make art is because when I am heavily involved with my own work I go to this place that is so magical I just want to stay there forever.  

work in progress detail

Selective memory: the eclipse

8 ft x 8 ft can expand to 12 x 12

will be acrylic on sintra